Welcome to the Barristers' Chambers of Julian Smith. We are a thoroughly modern and efficient set which provides first-rate and effective advice and court representation in the best traditions of the historic and internationally renowned Bar of England and Wales.

Our services are accessed via the trusted route of experienced litigation solicitors, and directly under the terms of the Bar Council's Direct Access Scheme by appropriate persons in less complex cases where it may be more economical to do so.

Our barristers attract private, often highly remunerative work as well as publicly funded work which provides quality assurance for all our clients. In the unlikely event a matter cannot be started or continued in-house, our clerks will be happy to recommend and arrange suitable cover from the other barristers they clerk who are known to us.

We share the Bar Council’s commitment to 'Justice for All' as can be seen from our abovementioned competitive fees and continuing proud acceptance of publicly funded work. It can also be seen from our support for Brixton Legal Centre and Unity Child Contact Centre at Effra Road Chapel where our annexe with free parking, LIFC South, is based for the convenience of our clients living and working south of the river.

We combine traditional and internet chambers' administration to gain the advantages of both without the disadvantages of either. We do not carry any expensive dead weight in premises or personnel. Through flexible premises we are able to provide prestigious accommodation second to none of our competitors. We have our own dedicated administrator and marketer in Susan Young and we offer an online library in all our core areas of practice in addition to the resources of the Inns of Court.